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LA MAISON ET SON ENVIRONNEMENT Chambres d'hôtes de charme Montcuq
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Behind the facade of this beautiful white stone building of the Quercy, you will discover several living spaces.

The building associates old stone walls and wooden  beams  with some modern materials and furniture. Thus creating a harmonious atmosphere. The large living room opens on to a terrace overlooking the garden at the bottom of which the pool is appreciated during the hot summer days. From there, an open view reveals the meadows and forest of the hills of Quercy Blanc, as well as the hidden gardens at the back of the village and the 12th century medieval tower.


Upstairs, we offer 4 spacious rooms with personalized decoration, combining tradition through old architectural elements that have been preserved and more contemporary materials furniture. All the rooms have a private bathroom with a large walk-in shower and separate toilet. You access the guest area through an independent entrance in the alleyway.

Behind the large window overlooking the “rue du Faubourg Saint-Privat”, you find the decoration gallery and the workshop of Brigitte, who is a professional upholsterer and decorator. This surprising and charming shop was, in the late 19th-early 20th century, the first major trade of the village, "La Maison CARLA" well known to the Montcuquois. It was the first multiservice business whith a grocery, hardware, toys and household store, offering as well wedding items and funerary services, etc. In a way, the first supermarket of the village.


This space is emblematic of Montcuq, full of charm, whith the old furniture of the former trade and a magnificent mezzanine accessible by a big wooden staircase of the 18th century, at the end of the gallery.


That is where we will have the pleasure to welcome you and help you discover the Lot and the Quercy Blanc, in the beautiful region called “Occitanie”, and our beautiful medieval village of Montcuq with which we fell in love.




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